1. Ability to repay — We will do what is right by our customers by:
    • Upholding sound underwriting practices by qualifying our customers.
    • Approving applications where we believe our customers have the ability to repay the loan o according to its terms.
    • Making sure our customers understand all costs associated with all loans and lines of credit.
    • Never approving a mortgage application based solely on the liquidation or foreclosure value of the underlying property.
    • Determining a customer’s ability to repay by considering a variety of factors.
  2. Benefit for the customer — We will only make a loan if it offers a demonstrable benefit to the customer, such as:
    • Reducing the interest rate or monthly payment on debt.
    • Obtaining “significant new money” at the customer’s request.
    • Paying off delinquent real estate secured debt.
    • Funding to rehab or remodel a distressed property.
    • Purchasing a property.
  3. Informed choices — We will help our customers make fully informed choices by:
    • Serving a diverse population of consumers with varied needs, and offering products with a wide range of terms and features.
    • Providing customers with the information they need to make fully-informed decisions.
    • Providing residential real estate products at fair, fully disclosed prices.
  4. Responsible servicing — We service all of the loans that we originate. Superior remains committed to living by responsible lending and servicing principles that encourage the responsible and respectful treatment of clients. We are there for our customers in both good times and in bad. We work with the participants in the real estate finance industry to find ways to expand and preserve property ownership.We believe in the making of the dream of property ownership both achievable and sustainable.